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To save patient's life by providing early aggressive and effective emergency treatment, using interventional procedures to stabilize the patient before further management like surgery or definitive treatment.

Our objective is to provide full satisfaction to our customers in process of being the top emergency center in Malaysia. We will achieve this by:-
1. Providing continuous health education for our patients, their family and the community
2. Promoting personal and professional growth of Emergency Medical Care personnel by providing inservice and continuing eductaional programmes.
3. Initiating and supporting research projects in Emergency Medicine in relation patients care
4. Providing an excellent work culture through suitable working conditions

1. Emergency services are provided 24 hours especially for the serious and critical patients.
2. To provide a comprehensive service which includes 'pre-hospital' resuscitation', stabilization and definitive care.
3. Service also includes Disaster Management, Domestic Violence, Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine.
4. Our services are provided with a humanistic outlook and sensitive towards the economical and cultural aspects of our patient.
5. To provide fast and effective patient friendly services.

1. To provide an effective, accurate and caring service.
2. Cases will be treated according to their severity.
3. Complicated cases will be discussed with respective specialists.

Services are divided into 3:-
1. Acute Emergency Medical Care.
2. Support Services.
3. Administrative and Medico-Legal Services.

The treatment of patients are divided into 3 categories:-
1. Non Critical Zone (Green Zone).
2. Semi Critical Zone (Yellow Zone).
3. Critical Zone (Red Zone).

Comprehensive medical care includes:-
1. Asthma Bay
It is for asthmatics who have  attack of asthma.
2. One Stop Crisis Centre (O.S.C.C)
Cases of rape, battered women, battered children are seen in this special room. Patients are also advised or counseled by social workers.
3. Pre Hospital Services
4. Disaster Management
The department is fully equipped for any disaster. An operation room is opened during any disaster. Emergency Department is mobilized to receive the victims as well as coordinate 'search and rescue' and 'medical base station'.
5. Out Patient Clinic
Run by  Locum  doctors for patients after office hours.

1. Pharmacy Counter: 24 hours pharmacy services for patients.
2. X-ray Room
3. CT Scan Room
4. Plaster Of Paris Room(P.O.P)
5. Laboratory
6. Ambulance

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