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Telephone Number: 05-6298621



Specialist services provide treatment: for early childhood caries cases, trauma cases, mouth lesions such as tumors / cysts, swelling and cases requiring treatment in ward and surgery for inpatients and outpatients (aged 16 years and below); referred from government / private dental clinics, government / private health clinics and other departments in hospitals and emergency departments. Any case requiring extensive treatment (including surgery) or comprehensive treatment for less-than-operative children will be conducted in the General Surgery Hall or in a clinic with sedation medication.

The Department of Pediatric Dental, Teluk Intan Hospital conducts the following treatments:

  1. Prevention of dentistry
  2. Restorative treatment is complicated
  3. Dental trauma
  4. Oro-fasial / pathological infection of the mouth
  5. Comprehensive treatment for children with disabilities
  6. Surgical cases
  7. Treatment under general anesthesia and sedation


The Department of Pediatric Dentistry strives to be the Center of Excellence for child dental services by providing comprehensive oral health services through a health system that is not burdensome, according to the latest technology developments and prioritize patients 


To improve the quality of life of children through oral health promotion and oral health care:

  • Understand and try to meet the needs of patients
  • Based on the latest technology development
  • Serving professionally and caringly


  • Provide promotion, preventive services, treatment and rehabilitation of dental health to children aged 16 and under, especially children with special needs
  • Provide comprehensive dental treatment and oral health care to all referenced cases
  • Enhancing professionalism through continuous training and learning 


  1. Each patient will be treated with courtesy, respectful, respectful, courteous and sincere.
  2. Each patient will be registered within 10 minutes.
  3. Each patient will be informed about the services provided.
  4. Each patient will be given information on important aspects of the treatment and prevention of dental diseases.
  5. Each patient will be given dental services accordingly, efficiently and professionally.
  6. Dental treatment will begin within 30 minutes of registration except in the inevitable condition.
  7. The facilities and equipment used in the Treatment Room are clean and have gone through the disinfection process.
  8. Each patient will be given a clarification.
  9. Any information about the patient will be kept confidential and is only notified to certain parties with consent, subject to the law.
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