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Generate efficient and dedicated medical support teams by continuously improving the quality of services provided to patients.


Providing an efficient and steady clinical supervision system to members under custody so that every service activity is given in accordance with the stipulated laws, regulations, and guidelines.


  • Ensure that the services provided by the Assistant Medical Officer and Health Assistant Assistant are carried out in a professional, efficient and quality manner all the time
  • Manage human resources efficiently and optimize the number of members in a unit or department according to the interests of the service
  • Develop and implement short- and long-term training programs on a continuous and effective basis to members under custody


  • Conduct a supervisory visit (clinical supervision) at least twice a week for each department.
  • Hold meetings, dialogues or CMEs for Assistant Officers. Medical and Health Care Assistants at least once a month.
  • Update Certificate of Registration of Assistant Medical Officer (APC) before 30th of September every year.
  • Always work with relevant departments/units at Teluk Intan Hospital professionally by placing the importance of service as a key agenda.


Human Resource Management

  • Managing members' needs / new job application (ABM)
  • Placement of members
  • Member distribution arrangements
  • Monitor and manage member discipline controls.


  • Head of Hospital Supervisor will hold a PPP Technical Meeting at least once a month with all supervisors to discuss all the requirements and improve the service.
  • Attend a directed department meeting.

Clinical supervision

  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP issued by the Medical Assistant Board by activity).
  • Ensure that the Clinical Assistant Medical Assistant to the specified procedure is performed
  • Ensure Local Preceptor for the basic student of PPP and Pos Basik is done perfectly
  • The Mentor-Mentee program for members under custody is ongoing
  • Adhere to the checklist set by their respective departments.
  • Comply with infection control procedures.

Compliance with laws and regulations

  • Ensure that the Act (Act of 180 Medical Assistants and Regulations 1979 and the Medical Act 1971), for Assistant Medical Officers are adhered to.
  • Rules set at hospital level are practiced during day-to-day activities.
  • Comply with the Code of Ethics of Medical Assistant.
  • All Assistant Medical Officers and Health Care Assistants follow the list of jobs that have been approved according to their respective field of work.
  • Coordinate and manage the requirements of the Medical Act or any of the instructions/instructions from the Board / Ministry of Health. (Example APC Reform - 'Annual Practising Certificates' for Assistant Medical Officers.

Training management

  • New member orientation
  • Designing exercises for members
  • Coordinate training attended by members
  • Provide training report attended by members
  • Manage book training logs and CPD book members

Tasks on call

  • Assistant Medical Officer U32 / U36 is on call to conduct supervision patrol after office hours and holidays on a predetermined schedule and at any time required as in case of emergency/disaster and so on.
  • Supervisor of U32 / U36 Medical Assistant conducts monitoring of supervision of Assistant Medical Officer and Health Care Assistant after office hours for certain locations namely Emergency Department, Pre Hospital Care, Psychiatric Ward, Hemodialysis Unit and Forensic Unit and ward once a week

Disaster Management

  • Member of the Disaster Master Committee
  • Member of the Fire Safety Main Committee


  1. Percentage of Ambulance preparedness and dispatch for a primary response within or less than 5 minutes
  2. Percentage of inappropriate triaging (Under Triaging): Category Green patients who should have been triaged as category Red


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