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The Nursing Services Unit is the largest part of the hospital organization led by the Head of Nurse U42 Supervisor with a total of 684 nurses (statistical data in December 2017) under his custody. Conduct comprehensive supervision, management and administration duties on Nursing Services and is responsible for maintaining the JKKP Unit and Quality Unit. Assisted by a Head of Nurses U32 in KPJH's room to carry out daily divisions of management.

Head of Nurse U42 Supervisor with U41 Nurse Supervisor U41 of 2 and U36 of 4 people planning, implementing, coordinating and assessing nursing practices as well as being responsible in the implementation of daily tasks in the prescribed clinical area.

Nursing members are directly involved in providing nursing care and work together with all departments or units in this hospital. The Nursing Unit provides clinical care support for inpatient and outpatient patients

Conduct management and clinical management of nursing, patient care, and planning, and implement nursing activities. Clinical fieldwork has been divided between Nurse Supervisor and responsible for units that have been set. Nurses who have been following the basics post-qualification course will be placed according to their respective expertise to improve the quality of nursing services. Nurses by categories are distributed according to the needs of ward and clinic.


The nursing unit is geared towards strengthening and improving the performance of a progressive, dynamic and responsive nursing profession in delivering quality safe care through teamwork and professional care services


  • Work together as a team with medical, patient, family and community practitioners in providing caring, comfortable and providing a conducive environment to customers.
  • Providing quality, effective, efficient and secure services through teamwork and caring will further assist in the full patient care for a better life and health.
  • Committed, thoughtful and competent in carrying out the task


  • Establish a knowledgeable, skilled and insightful nurse and innovate in providing holistic care in line with current needs.
  • Planning career development and ensuring the level of knowledge of all nurses increases through continuous learning that is conducted periodically in maintaining quality and standard services to patients
  • Ensure adequate monitoring and coordination of available nursing staff resources in each unit to carry outpatient care.


Practicing Corporate Culture Ministry of Health Malaysia and Concept 10s, smile, greetings, urgent, touch, sensitive, polite, jokes, supervisory, passionate


We promise to provide professional, safe, loving and quality service.

  1. Information will be provided to clients regarding illness and care and nursing procedures performed.
  2. The confidentiality of personal information, illness, and care given to the patient is guaranteed.
  3. Clean, comfortable and secure facilities and environment are available.
  4. All patient admission received and was given service by a nurse within 15 minutes.
  5. Each patient is given health education before discharge.


  1. Implement supervision and monitoring of nursing care
  2. Carry out nursing program activities.
  3. Implementing the application and monitoring of the Annual Nurse Practicing Certificate
  4. Distribute placement of nurses according to service requirements
  5. And it includes some of the following components:
  • Clinical Care
  • Clinical Management
  • Implementation and Monitoring of Patient Safety Goals
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Research and Research
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