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Engineering Unit (Regulatory) will ensure that the services provided by the Concession Company are of high quality with:

  • Monitoring and classifying hospital facility services, medical and non-medical equipment conditions, hygiene, linen and medical waste disposal are effectively managed.
  • Monitoring the complaints made by the user is taken action over a certain period of time.
  • Ensure the allocation spent by the Government to the Concession Company is optimal and prudent.


  1. Prepare and monitor the implementation of the privatization of comprehensive hospital support services.
  2. To protect the interests of the Ministry of Health and the users of the hospital by ensuring that the requirements in the Concession Agreement are met.
  3. Ensure that hospital support services are provided safely, efficiently and effectively.


Work closely with Edgenta Medi-Serve Sdn Bhd in formulating and solving solutions to hospital and hospital asset management issues collectively and effectively for the sake of customer and organizational customer satisfaction.

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