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To make a superior Islamic Affairs Unit, to plan, manage and spread Islam towards the creation of an excellent and ethical society.


To provide quality social services through professional services and proper counseling to improve the well-being of the family's patients and to help them continue to hold on to the true faith and to follow the basis of Islamic law.


Striving to spread the true teachings of Islam continuously to staff, patients and families as well as to produce methods of system management based on ethical values ​​according to Islamic ethics. It provides exposures to customers to understand the essential requirements when it comes to worship according to Islam.


The Islamic Affairs Unit is responsible for providing support services to hospitals, patients and family members of the patients through the following activities:

  • Plan, coordinate and implement training and spirituality activities such as courses, workshops, and religious lectures in accordance with the planned calendar.
  • Coordinate and implement Islamic day programs.
  • Coordinate patient pilgrimage activities, worship and spiritual guidance to patients and heirs.
  • Monitor and monitor the facility's needs in existing voices.
  • Providing religious advice for staff, patients, and heirs.

Ensure that the program of the Rumah Mesra Bersama program in the ward runs smoothly and according to the guidelines set

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