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Telephone No: 05-6298400 ext. 8779 / 8780/7102/7103



To assist patients especially in psychosocial and socio-economic aspects so they can become members of the community and be in their social function and be self-reliant in accordance with the potential limitations caused by the illness as well as the psychosocial problems in which they arise.


To create a quality and effective social work service for all customers.


  • To help provide psychosocial services based on the principle of confidentiality, care and effective in addressing the social problems of patients in line with the concept of comprehensive treatment.
  • Help solve problems and rehabilitate patients who become clients, especially for psychosocial aspects so they can become proactive and self-reliant members of the society according to the limits of the potential of the disease


  • Provides socio-medical services and social interventions to patients referred to the department.
  • Providing advice and consultancy.
  • Managing financial aid and medical equipment.
  • Make 'liaison' tasks with various agencies for their patients/families.
  • Engage in community-related activities of the patient's welfare.



  • Abuse / Waiver / Child abuse case.
  • Domestic Violence / Domestic Violence / Marital Problems.
  • Unmarried Mother / Baby Care.
  • Suicide Attempt Case.
  • Disability case due to illness / accident (physical / blind / deaf / dumb / retarded reason)
  • Chronic illness concerns.


  • Financial problems for treatment / purchase of medical equipment / artificial tools / fare / subsistence / school children and so on.
  • Special diet.
  • Detect patient's heirs/disability plans from ward
  • Managing placements to institutions.
  • Management of OKU registration.
  • Baby management is stranded.
  • Adoption application advisory services.
  • Patient stranded / ignored / no family support
  • Socioeconomic report for treatment at IJN and radiotherapy
  • Home visit

Referenced / involved agency

  1. Medical Assistance Fund Ministry of Health Malaysia (TBP)
  2. Malaysian Patient Welfare Fund (TKPM)
  3. National Cancer Council
  4. social welfare Department
  5. State Islamic Religious Department
  6. Royal Malaysian Police
  7. Embassy-Embassies
  8. Mass media
  9. Volunteer Agency / Individual
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