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 The nation mobilizes energy for better health.


 The mission of the Ministry of Health is to lead and work together:

 To facilitate and facilitate and enable the people:

  • Achieve their full potential in health
  • Appreciate health as the most valuable asset.
  • Take responsibility and positive action for their health.

 To ensure a high-quality health system:

  • Prioritize customers
  • Fair
  • Not burdensome
  • Efficient
  • Reasonable by technology
  • Can be adjusted according to the environment
  • Innovative

 By emphasizing:

  • Characteristics of caring, professionalism, and teamwork.
  • Nature respects human dignity.
  • Community involvement.


Ensure that the Health Services provided at Teluk Intan Hospital (HTI) are of good quality according to customer's requirements as well as an action plan


  • KPI Surveys - Surveillance of KPI programs in accordance with the standards set
  • Patient Safety Goal - Patient safety goal implementation according to the Malaysian Patient Safety Goal manual.
  • Incident Report - Ensure that improvements and follow-up actions are implemented according to findings and findings.
  • Credentialing and Privileging - recognition of all procedural executives requiring privileging.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Performs continuous improvement to meet customer needs and satisfaction.
  • The culture of Innovation and Creativity- Applying the culture of innovation and creativity with continuous monitoring.
  • Accreditation, MS ISO, Lean Health Care- Accreditation Rating, MS ISO, Lean Health Care is reached within the stipulated period.
  • Clinical Practice Guideline- CPG monitoring according to the latest CPG.
  • Clinical Audit- Implement and monitor the audit's clinical activities.
  • Mortality Review - Monitor and execute Mortality Review activities.


  1. Data collection and analysis of quality activities.
  2. Implementation of awareness and training.
  3. Presentation of achievement.
  4. Improvement / follow up.


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