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Telephone No: 05-6298400 ext. 8816/8817



The Speech Recovery Unit will provide the best speech-language pathology services to all patients in order to ensure a better quality of life.


Speech Rehabilitation Unit will provide continually quality speech, language, and ingestion services to all patients: -

  1. Patients will be given appropriate treatment in a friendly and conducive environment.
  2. Confidentiality of patients is respected and maintained by a professional, caring and working staff
  3. Language-speaking pathologists are always dynamic to enhance their expertise and experience by continuously attending training programs.


Speech recovery unit provides services for outpatient and in-patients

  1. the handling of speechless, language, communication and ingestion (in terms of assessment and therapy)
  2. conduct awareness and support talks
  3. conducting activities and programs related to speech, language and communication problems.


Improve the quality of life of an individual with problematic speech, language and communication and problematic ingestion to a maximum level to improve communication and swallowing ability more effectively in the following ways:

  1. Conduct early detection, assessment, intervention/therapy and counseling programs to patients and family members/guardians
  2. Provide educational programs to provide exposure and awareness to patients, family members, and the general public
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