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Provides a systematic, post-retirement, and easy-to-hire service at every stage of the healthcare system in enhancing the quality of customer's life.


This service is provided by knowledgeable, skilled and practicing values ​​based on Evidence Based Practice.


  • Ensure that Workers' Jurisprudence practices an excellent work culture, providing safe, efficient and effective treatment for all patients.
  • Providing optician care at optimum levels, joining other members of the treatment group towards overall patient care.
  • Ensure that Worker Therapist is always working to improve

able to provide rehabilitation services through continuous professional training programs (Continuous Professional Development).


Workback Recovery Service is available for outpatients, inpatients and communities as follows:

  • Orthopedic Care Recovery Work
  • Worker Recovery in the field of Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Post Work Recovery in Pediatric field
  • Medical Worker Recovery
  • Workover Recovery in Surgical field
  • Post Work Recovery in Gynaekology

Assessment And Treatment Is Conducted

  • Evaluation and training of Daily Activities
  • Physical / Maskuloskeletal assessment and training
  • Mental assessment and stimulation
  • Pre-School assessment and training
  • Wheelchairs Assessment and Training
  • Pre-Driving Assessment and Practice
  • Occupational / Pre-vokalsional assessment and training
  • Evaluation and Renovation of Houses, Work and School
  • Evaluation and training of Child Development
  • Assessment and Modification of Behavior
  • Evaluation and Advice on Equipment and Environment Assistance and Modification Tool.
  • Assessment and Cognitive and Persephone training
  • Pressure Garment / Stokinet
  • Assessment and practice of Creative Therapy
  • Social Skill Training
  • Providing Advice to Patients and Guardians
  • Game Therapy and Leisure Hobby (Exploration & Training)
  • Therapy Relaxation And Stress Control
  • Sensory assessment and training
  • Evaluation and training of Motor Vehicles
  • Splinting Splint and Counterfeit Member advisory services
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