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The Pediatric Department of Teluk Intan Hospital will be a professional, caring and nursing care center from birth to age 12 and emphasize on the role of the family in the healthcare of children.


Provides comprehensive care based on continuous improvement.


  • Provides high-quality curative treatment services to all Pediatric patients, whether inpatient or outpatient as well as emphasizing prevention and emphasizing the role of the family in child health care.
  • Providing counseling services to pediatric patients as well as their families, especially those with chronic diseases such as Thalassemia, HIV, cancer and other complicated diseases.
  • Conduct training activities for all Pediatric staff including Medical and Paramedical Officers at the hospital and state level with the aim of improving the knowledge and quality of Pediatric treatment in Perak. Provide training to medical officers who will take a post-graduate examination and be a continuous program.


  • We strive to elevate the best quality of service to patients.
  • For non-urgent cases first consulted at the Pediatric Specialist Clinic will be given an appointment less than 6 weeks to reach the prescribed standard.
  • Waiting time for Specialist Clinics should not exceed 90 minutes for 90% of patients.


  • The Pediatric Department provides the following services:
  • Provision of services involving a diagnosis of illness, healing and follow-up treatment to children aged 12 and under. Children who have undergone follow-up treatment under the age of 12 years will continue to be treated at the clinic until adult.
  • Quality, clinical, and clinical health research in the Pediatric field.
  • Training for Medical Officer and Paramedics in the Pediatric Department.



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