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The country is pushing for a better health


The Ministry's mission is to lead and work together:

  1. To facilitate and enable the people:
  • Achieve their full potential in health
  • Appreciate health as the most valuable asset
  • Take responsibility and positive action for their health
  1. To ensure high-quality health care systems are:
  • Prioritize customers
  • Fair
  • Not burdensome
  • Efficient
  • Reasonable by technology
  • Can be adjusted according to the environment
  • Innovative
  1. By emphasizing
  • Nature of professionalism and teamwork
  • The nature of respect
  • Community involvement 


Provide accurate, effective and timely treatment. Provides professional, friendly and caring service. Provides customer satisfaction based on Hospital Client Charter.



  1. Administration
  2. Services

Activities -Activity For Every Function Of The Office of Administration


  • Postal and Mail Registration and Posting
  • Daily Mail / Mail Distribution
  • Circular Receiving and Storage Affairs
  • Managing Distribution and Saving In-Depth File Storage (SDP)
  • Open-File Distribution and Storage Affairs
  • Managed Distribution and Retention of Staged files
  • The receipt of the Recipient's Office Records Card
  • Fax reception
  • Facsimile Delivery of faxes
  • Managing my CPD management and UD41-UD54 Medical Expert
  • Follow-Up Feedback Meeting minutes
  • Staff Management Course Management and e-Training Management


  • Managing the appointment of New Members
  • Patient Certification In Pensions Services
  • Trial Extension Period Trial
  • Managing annual salary movements
  • Promotion Promotion
  • Job Liability
  • Preparing Monthly Reports
  • Managing Inbound and Outbound Transactions
  • Kurrsus application-courses and exams
  • Vacation Affairs
  • Retirement Affairs
  • The preparation of Retention of Medical Officers
  • Managing the Department's examinations
  • Managing the provision of Performance Evaluation
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Managing the preparation of Retention of the Personnel
  • Property Declaration
  • Managing the annual salary movements
  • Preparation of Change Report (Kew 8)
  • Application of Courses
  • Managing Newsletters Specialist-PTK
  • Managing Master Programs
  • Managing Pension Benefits
  • Resignation Affairs
  • Managing Practice
  • Managing contract officer
  • Managing Application for Renewal of Annual Practice Certificate
  • Managing Self Confirmation / Bank Verification / Bank Guarantee Claim
  • Part-time Staff Recruitment Affairs
  • Overseas Application
  • Managing Human Resource Management System e-HRMIS



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