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TEL: 05-6298400 ext. 8681/8857



Provides patient education services (diabetes, asthma, hypertension and quitting smoking clinic) and excellent health promotion.


Provides quality and effective information and services through patient education activities leading to positive behavioral change.


General Objective

To pre-empt patients and families with specific knowledge, attitudes, and skills to enable them to manage their own illness towards a better quality of life.

Specific objective

  • Provide customers (patients, a family of patients, lay people and hospital staff) with periodic patient intervention.
  • Providing systematic and effective smoking cessation services.
  • Operates as ONE STOP CENTER to channel health information to customers.
  • Provide training related to patient education and health education to employees.


Patient Education Unit is responsible for providing services to patients, families of patients and the public as well as the residents of the hospital through the following activities:

  • Description of diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.
  • Provide guidance on the ways in which injection of insulin is injected with the right technique and appropriate body parts to get an optimistic effect.
  • Provide knowledge to the proper and safe needle disposal patients.
  • Giving knowledge about signs of hypoglycemia and anxiety treatments.
  • Teaching exercises (exercise) to help reduce glucose levels, weight cholesterol.
  • Provides knowledge on how to choose the shoes and socks that are appropriate for the case of diabetes.
  • Explain the importance of taking medicines, effects on diseases.
  • Providing services, assisting patients to get medical supplies such as needle injection, glucometer, blood pressure check machine etc. through (Malaysian Diabetes Association, Teluk Intan Hospital Branch)
  • Conduct a quit smoking clinic, by providing counseling and treatment sessions with assistance and monitoring from doctors and pharmacists.
  • Hold health exhibition according to the theme of special health day celebrations or as needed.
  • Hold a health camp (diabetes) under the management of a specialist medical consultant.
  • Conduct classes (diabetes) every 3 months throughout the year (in the process of planning and preparation.
  • Apply/distribute healthcare materials received from the Perak Health Education Unit.
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