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Telephone Number: 05-6298400

ext. PKP - 7092 / PPKP (K) - 8443



Provides efficient, friendly and quality public health services based on professional ethical values ​​for staff, patients, and hospital visitors.


 Implementing public health activities in hospitals by ensuring quality services as well as emphasizing the spirit of cooperation with the involvement of employees, patients, and the public.


  • Ensure public health services implemented in accordance with the laws and regulations under the Public Health Law and the relevant Occupational Safety and Health legislation.
  • Establishing environmental control by ensuring workplace conditions with a healthy, safe, clean and controlled environment from the root cause of the disease.
  • Implementing promotions and enhancing the health of employees, patients, the public and support staff at the hospital to optimum in terms of physical, mental and social.



  1. Infectious Disease Control.
  2. Vector Control.
  3. Safety and Food Quality.
  4. Occupational Safety and Health.
  5. Enforcement and Regulation of Tobacco Product Control.
  6. Environmental Health Activities.
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